Sunday, 26 October 2014

Peek at my Week - Addition week

It's been too long since I've blogged. I get so excited to blog, then I forget or something comes up. I missed last week's link up, but I had a few photos from the week before that I wanted to share.

We worked on even and odd numbers, so I used the Even & Odd Sorting Centers product by Kelly Witt. My kids loved the pictures!

We also used the worksheet in the pack, and students had to sort out the numbers provided into even and odd.

During the week we also made a book to take with us when we went to visit the local kindergarten. It was called School is Awesome: What we love about school. Our kinder kids are all starting transition ready to start school at the end of January, so we thought they'd like to know what is fun at school.

This is one of my little preps who tries SUPER hard, but is still struggling.

So, onto this week!

I'll link up with the awesome Deedee Wills!

Here's what my week will look like.

I'm looking forward to it. On Thursday morning while my preps have buddies with the 1/2s I am running the first transition session for our 2015 preps! I've very excited to meet them. This year I'm the coordinator (for the first time) so I'm a bit nervous about making sure it runs smoothly. I love seeing how little they look in comparison to the current preps.

I have also just added two new products to my TpT store (I'm using them this week, so I'll have photos next week).

The Dinosaur Addition and Subtraction Mats are free!! Go check them out.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Peek at my week - Term 4 Week 2

Already this term is flying by. We're about to begin week 2 of the last term of the school year. I will be saying goodbye to my little preppies in no time...

A quick recap of last week. I had on last week's plan that I was going to do fine motor skills groups. They went so well!! I had to share our activities.

Here we are using the awesome Fine Motor Mats by Tara West. We used the glass beads this time and next time we'll use tweezers as well. Most of my students were fascinated by how many 'jewels' they were using so they were also counting as they did this activity.

The preps had to write or draw with chalk, then they magically made the chalk disappear by tracing over it with water on a paint brush! They thought it was very cool, and it was a novelty to use chalkboards.

Ol' faithful - playdough!

They had to make the tallest tower they could. Steady hands were necessary!

Using tweezers to pick up magnetic letters or letter tiles (one at a time!!) from the rice sensory tub.

Now, here is a Peek at My Week (linked up with Mrs Wills Kindergarten) for next week.

We have a Stress Down Day every year. During the morning the grades will rotate around activities (20 minutes at each activity). Activities will include cyber safety, stories, games/puzzles and craft activities. After recess we invite the parents to come and participate in a Trivia Scavenger Hunt. Each group is given a list of things they have to find out, there is a winner drawn for the most correct answers. After lunch, which will be healthy salad rolls that the students will make for themselves, we have an incursion for a performance called Cyber Busters, all about cyber safety. To top it off, it is Pajama Day, too! Comfy comfy comfy!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

New product: Word Family List Worksheets

I've just uploaded a new product!

This product has six worksheets all about word families. Each page covers two different word families.

Students colour the words in the box at the top. The words from the same word family are coloured in the same colour. Then students write the words from each word family in the boxes below to make a list. There are a few extra words that aren't in the word family so that they have to be attentive to the letters in the words. At the bottom there are some words to trace in Victorian Modern Cursive.

The word families included are:
-at / -og
-ed / -op
-ot / -ip
-it / -en
-in / -ap
-ig / -et

I'm giving three copies away, so if you're interested in trying out this product leave me a comment and I'll email it to you!

Peak at my week Monday 6th October

I'm going to give the Peak at My Week link-up another go!

This upcoming week is the first week back at school for term 4, after our Spring break. I've had a lovely holiday but I'm really looking forward to getting back into work.

That's what my week looks like.

For writing I run Writers Workshop with mini lessons (which is just new to me this year and I love it!). I use Writing Through the Year by Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills as a guideline, and then add and tweak it to suit my group of kids and our scope and sequence/curriculum.

For Reading Groups I have five groups that do two activities each - a focus/phonics activity and then a phonics/fine motor skills activity, and I will pull one student at a time to do reading assessment with me in the lead up to report writing. This week we are focusing on Little Red Riding Hood retells and sequencing, and looking at word families -og and -at.

The 'World Around Us' is the name I gave to the hour when we do humanities/social skills work. This term we are talking about celebrations.

I don't normally do so much handwriting and fine motor skills, but given that my kids have 11 more weeks of school this year I'm really focusing on getting their handwriting up to scratch ready for grade 1.

For Buddies we work with a class of grade 3/4s, and we alternate between working on maths together on the iPads and doing 'team building' activities.

I love this link up because I'm fascinated by the different ways classes run!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

October Currently

The year is going by so quickly! By the time my birthday comes around (7 October) I know that the year is almost done. So nuts! A new month means a new awesome template from Farley for Currently. Love them.

Listening - I came across the band Walk off the Earth when they did a cameo in a tv show called The Listener. Loved the music, so looked them up. My favourite song by them is this one:

Loving - It is Saturday night on the last weekend of the Spring school holidays. Only Sunday left, then back to work. I've had an awesome break, and I'll write a bit more about it in my (late) Five for Friday post.

Thinking - Term 4 is 11 weeks, which means I only have my preps for 11 more weeks. They have made huge progress this year, but there are still things I want to do with them. Term 4 also includes the school swimming program, report writing, and lots of Christmas/end of year stuff - it's a busy term!

Wanting - I went away these holidays and before I left I made sure I cleaned out the fridge (I was gone for 6 nights). I got home two days ago and I still haven't done the groceries. I have basically no food left in the house...

Needing - I am the report coordinator at school and I have a bit of work to do to get everything up and running for the other teachers to get their reports done. Lots of admin hours coming up.

Treat - It's my birthday on Tuesday so I'm going to put my entire TpT store on SALE! 20% off everything starting tomorrow (5th October), and ending on Wednesday 8th October. Grab a bargain!

Now, go link up with Farley! And read the other Currently posts.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Rearranged my classroom!

I popped in to school today to quickly print off a couple of things I needed for my trip to Sydney tomorrow. Well, two hours later I left with the things printed and my classroom rearranged!! I had sketched a few ideas last night but hadn't really planned to do anything about the ideas, but then I was motivated!

I drew a before (not to scale) sketch and an after (not to scale) sketch using Doodle Buddy.

Top left is my teaching space (chair, literacy whiteboard, IWB, the dots are to mark where the SitSpots are). Top right is the external door, plus a trolley with communal materials on it. Bottom middle was my book corner and the circle rugs I have. Bottom right is my desk and conference area.
Top left is now my book corner. Bottom middle is now my teaching space. Other things are pretty much the same.
 There were a few changes that happened after I drew the 'After' sketch. The tables didn't quite work as I'd drawn them, and I changed the way the book corner is arranged. Here are some photos, sorry about the chairs being up - so much easier to move tables when the chairs are up!

My new teaching space. I haven't plugged the board in yet, or put my SitSpots back on the ground.

My new book corner. I love how cosy it looks!

This is the view from my desk and conference table.

This is the view from my big internal door.

This is the view from the book corner.

And this is the view from the external door.

I have 23 students and last term I had the tables set up in four groups of 6 students. I've changed that and now have three tables of 4 students and two tables of 6 students. It worked well in the space and I think some of my students will like having fewer people on their table.

This is my literacy whiteboard. I've moved my daily schedule from the big cupboard which is now at the back of the room and put it on to this at the front of the room. My kids love checking what is coming up during the day.

This is something new too. The black thing is for my Portable Science Word Wall. It is just an accessories organiser because I couldn't find any pocket charts in my town. The four boards will be for Learning Intentions. Green for Writing, Red for Reading, Blue for Maths and Yellow for Science - my lesson plans are colour coded too!

This is my third year teaching and every other year I've rearranged my classroom at least three times. This is the first time I've rearranged it this year. The arrangement was working really well, which is why I hadn't changed it, but I was ready for something different!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Roll Write Read & Bright Classroom Rules

I'm on spring holidays at the moment and I have just found motivation to make some TpT products again! Yay! I put two new ones up yesterday.

The first is a set of classroom rules. A few weeks ago I uploaded some of chalkboard-style background, but they didn't look right in my classroom this year. I re-worked them, changed the border and background colour and made the Bright Classroom Rules.

There are five rules in this pack:

I love these rules because they are short and concise. When I first introduced them I read them to my class and they said them back to me. We also talked about what each rule meant. I have them displayed in my classroom and they look really cute - so clean and simple!

The other product I uploaded is a Roll Write Read pack. It has 13 different activity pages. The idea is that students will roll a six-sided dice, then trace over the next work/letter in the list underneath the number they rolled. It combines reading, subitising dice-dots and handwriting! Love that!
The pack includes two sets of sheets. One set is Victorian Modern Cursive and the other set is a simple print font.
Included are:
Single letters (4 sheets)
CVC words (3 sheets)
Four letter words (1 sheet)
Magic E words (1 sheet)
Colour words (1 sheet)
Ch sh th words (1 sheet)
Word families (2 sheet)

These could be laminated for multiple uses, slid into sheet protectors, or used as-is as worksheets. They are all black and white so they're easy on the printer ink. I'll be using these as part of my reading groups activities, but they could be used as fast-finisher work, writing centres, whole group activities, or for home schooling purposes.