Friday, 8 April 2016

Reflecting ready for term 2

Today is the last week day of my school holidays. I'm taking today to relax, watch some tv and collect my thoughts before term 2 starts. I've also been reflecting on the things I've learned about my students in term 1 that will influence how I tackle term 2. My students:
- Love a challenge, and rise to it with persistence and determination
- Are very competitive, and love getting outside to play a competitive sport, or do a competitive warm-up before a lesson
- Are still only 7, 8 and 9 years old so they love novelty, and colour, and fun, and silliness
- Love to share their knowledge and skills with their peers by helping others or showing what they can do
- Are very creative and love to construct and make things

So, what I will be doing for my students this term is:
- Giving them challenges to stretch their brains
- Using all of my early years knowledge to make our learning fun, exciting and a bit silly sometimes!
- Channelling their competitive side into great teamwork, collaborative activities and awesome poison ball games 
- Sharing their skills far and wide and with each other (one new activity we're having in term 2 is "Guest Reader", where students will be able to sign up to read a book to the class during our inside eating time, we started it last term and they adored it!!)
- Incorporating construction and craft into our curriculum wherever I can

I'm sure both of these lists will continue to grow as I learn more about my students and think of more ways to develop my teaching to suit their needs, but I really wanted to get this bit of reflection written down. I'm so excited to make this an awesome term!!


  1. You really know your children. Term 2 will be exciting. It's wonderful to try new things now term 1 is done and dusted! Have a great term .

    1. Thanks for your comment Catherine. I am really excited about term 2 - after learning so much in term 1 it's time for me to put a few new and different things into action! It's going to be fun.

  2. I also have a very creative class. They take used paper out of our recycling bin and construct 3-D objects! They don't care that there is print on both sides. I had one girl create a "time machine", which was a tube with a hole to peer into the other side, which had a log cabin village colored pencil drawing! I'm really enjoying that this year! Great, reflective blog post! Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment Melissa. Wow! I love the "time machine" creation - so cool! It's amazing what our students are able to create with recycled bits and pieces. My students love the 'construction tub' that we have - it's just a collection of recycled and crafty things that have been donated or not used in an activity, and they create amazing things with the stuff in it!