About Me

My name is Jem Luck and I'm a teacher in Victoria, Australia. I taught prep (5/6 year olds) from 2012-2015, and this year I moved to a grade 2/3 composite class (7/8/9 year olds).

This is me!

This year, 2016, is my fifth year teaching.

I have been getting into the online world of teaching over the past two years. I use Instagram and have got products up on Teachers Pay Teachers. I thought a blog was the next step. I am looking forward to learning lots from fellow bloggers.

A bit more about me. I studied photography for a year, but it's turned out to be more of a hobby than a career option. I love reading blogs (I follow over 100 of them on Bloglovin...). My favourite things to do are read and go driving (with loud music to sing along to, of course). I love fantasy books, movies and TV. I love to do craft, but tend to put my efforts into crafting with my kids at school.


  1. Hi Jemima! So happy to have discovered your blog! Your classroom looks like such a happy place to learn!

    I work with a brain break resource called GoNoodle, and am hoping to connect with some Aussie bloggers to check it out and spread the word. It's totally free at GoNoodle.com :) If you're interested, I would love to hear form you! My email is holly@gonoode.com.

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