My Classroom

This is my 2014 classroom. I teach in a BER Building (a building that was funded by a Government initiative) which is four years old.

This is my room view from my external door. I am set up for 22 students.

This is the view from my desk area. I love to be able to see the whole room from my desk.

This is the view from my teaching area. I have one teaching area which has my SMARTBoard and a small whiteboard.

 This is the view from my main door. I love that the room looks so open from the door.

My book corner! My room must have a book corner. I use it as a reading group as well as a place for early finishers to go. I encourage as much 'reading' as I can (my students are 5 years old, so just learning) so that they can develop a love of books.

This is my desk area. I will be using my small group conference table for my desk when my students aren't around. All of the things that I need are either on the bookshelf or on the trolley near the window.

This is my teaching space. It's not quite finished. I always make sure I have a 100s chart nearby.

I have a Space/Rockets/Stars theme in my room this year. This is the display on the wall outside my classroom.

This little guy will be our class mascot. In Term 2 (about April) students will be able to take him home with a journal and write/draw about having him for the weekend.

I will display our visual schedule and our learning goals on this board.

This is my trolley. It has everything that would normally have been in my desk, but it a more convenient and portable arrangement. I love it!

This is the first thing you see when you enter my room. It has the student take home books on the top and things that we use during the day in the tubs underneath.

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